Baubles & Boobs! (1950’s)

Another Xmas themed photo from back in the 1950’s, this time a classic beauty posing naked next to the Xmas tree. The nude beauty is actually Geri/Jeri Archer who was a model and actress in the 50’s and 60’s and appeared on The Phil Silvers show (Sgt Bilko), but I’m not quite sure she ever appeared like this! This comes from a set of photo’s of Geri posing nude in her living room at Xmas (obviously!) and I’ve published one other shot from the same set here.

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  1. My comment isn’t in respect to the above photo but does deserve a mention.

    There was a film on the TV two nights ago on Freeview Channel 81 – Talking Pictures TV. The film was titled, ” The Beauty Jungle “. I only saw a brief segment of it but its set in the very early 1960’s about a girl who wins a beauty contest then decides to make a go of it in the bigger wider world. Some great scenes of beauty contests and I did see around a 30 second appearance of Eve Eden/ Rosa Domaille in it, who by the way won a contest, but then had the prize taken away, but I wont say why. There were a few familiar faces in it including Sid James, Ian Hendry and a few familiar faces in the contestant line ups, but as I didn’t see anywhere near all of it, or the end credits to see if any of the girls were credited by name. Good news is that it is on again Christmas night at 9.30 pm ( 21.30 ), and I think definitely worth a watch from start to finish. If You like the era when girls looked just like that, then take a look. I don’t think you will in any way be disappointed.

  2. Have done a bit more research. It was made in 1963/64. Margaret Nolan also features in it. Its also available to buy on both Amazon and E Bay, although there is some controversy as there are two versions. Both the same film, but a huge difference in quality. I am sure there are other familiar faces there that remain uncredited. Whilst searching this one I found another film that Eve Eden played a role in, but the name as I write escapes me but I did manage to find a still pic of Eve …. Blonde. Not great quality but I will send it down the wire sometime

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