For Your Eyes Only! (Video)

I hadn’t got a clue what to post for the i in the Xmas Calendar, so I went for a video instead with the title ‘For Your I’s Only’, a poor play on words I know but I was desperate 🙂

Anyway on to the video featuring the gorgeous Jutka Goz by Herald Films. Not much I need to say really other than you get to see the fabulous body and tits of Jutka as she does a strip and wash, followed by relaxing with a vibrator! Before you get all excited that isn’t what you think, as I’ve never seen a vibrator quite like this! As I watched I didn’t know if I should be getting turned on or laughing, which wasn’t helped by the choice of music accompanying the scene. Despite that Jutka looks stunning and she has the most perfect set of tits and nipples!

Thanks to John W for the copy of this video featuring Jutka and the addition of the music throughout the film 🙂

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  1. Ummm nice!!, I think in all the photos and videos I’ve seen of Ms Goz she seems to be in a permanent state of erect nipples, maybe it was very cold or there was another reason for it. I knew another woman who had a massager exactly like the one in the video, she had a much more specific use for it, maybe that would explain Jutka’s rather obvious enjoyment.

  2. I’m getting an error on the video. Such a shame.

  3. Item as so nicely used is undoubtedly a Pifco brand massager. Heavily advertised in the 1960’s.

    Now I bet you didn’t know that, and I also bet that you are not in the slightest bit interested !!

  4. Rare treat to see the lovely Ms. Goz in a glamour film. Thanks very much. By the way – it’s even more of a treat with the music muted!


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