Wanda Liddell With Plenty To Offer (Original)

Time for yet another model I didn’t know modelled for Harrison Marks in the late 1960’s. This time Wanda Liddell offering up her nice pert pair of tits, but also showing plenty on offer below and wearing the well-worn and well used long open negligee! 

This comes from another batch of negatives sent over by Ray, which includes 4 shots of Wanda posing in the negligee plus several of her posing nude on a rather large divan like sofa. Thanks to Gav for reminding me they were Wanda without her wigs!

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  1. Lovely woman, but what’s supposed to be happening? Woman standing in front to bars that could be in a dungeon or castle, in negligee, holding tits??????

    • The wider picture shows that it’s actually taken in a hallway as there’s a grandfather clock to the left and the bars are actually a free standing room divider. So not as bizarre a shot as it may first look. I’m sure it was a still from one of GHM’s films, but never seen any film with Wanda referenced in it to date?

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