A Right Royal View (1957)

The beautiful and popular mid-fifties model Carol Royal posing for Harrison Marks in Kamera No.1 P21 (1957). Although Carol appeared on several early Harrison Marks postcards, she only appeared in 4 photographs  in GHM publications, Kamera No.1 (P21 & P24), Kamera No.3 (P.14) and In Focus No.1 (P.27). A classic beauty with a stunning smile.

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  1. other nude appearances that I know of:
    – Foto 26 and 27
    – Lovelies V1 No5 (cover girl, nude)
    – Art Advertiser V01 No2

    She may also did some nude work for Eva Grant and / or Russell Gay too. I have a recollection if seeing her in Line and Form, I might be wrong….


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