Dawn & Lisa – Kamera No.78 (1967)

The stunning pair of Dawn Grayson and Lisa Hamilton from Kamera No.78 P16 (1967) posing on the front lawn at Ewhurst Manor. The white wrought iron bench has appeared many times in other GHM shots, including this one of Dawn taken at the same time. Another shot where I also have the original negative, so members get to see a larger high definition copy of the same shot, plus a close up of Dawn and Lisa and those lovely perky little tits 🙂

I love the shots of these two together and thankfully have many more to share!

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  1. The blonde model, identified here as Lisa Hamilton, appears as an unknown model on postings dated 18 July 2013 (Solis No. 70), 30 October 2014 and 20 December 2014 (Lenz No. 3). So, perhaps another unknown model identified?

  2. Lisa Hamilton is a very attractive model, and didn’t know who she was. Thanks for the ID!


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