A Nice Set of Boxes!

A nice set of 4 vintage slide boxes for Harrison Marks colour slide sets and originally these boxes would have contained sets of 6 slides featuring the model shown on the front. A big thanks to Kevin for sending these to me, as he was only going to throw them away, as he bought some unrelated slides off eBay and the seller sent them to him in these boxes for protection. I jumped at the chance to have them, because they are over 50 years old and by Harrison Marks, plus I’m sure I have a number of the slides in my collection that belong to these sets. So it will be nice to have the box relating to the slides and then trying to complete the sets. All in very good condition considering their age as well 🙂

The boxes belong to the following models and set numbers for reference: Kay Fitzsimmonds (Bottom Left) – Set No.2, Madeleine Mills (Bottom Right)- Set No.3, Tina Graham – Set No.8 (Top Left) and Eve Eden (Top Right) – Set No.15


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