Agnes Grieves by Terry Sparks (Original)

A beautiful shot of ebony model Agnes Grieves taken by Terry Sparks. Not a model I was aware of until coming across this set of contact sheets of her by Terry, but she does remind me of another ebony model that also posed for Terry, Sylvia Bayo.

I have 9 contact sheets featuring Agnes by Terry with over 140 images of her posing in various locations around a house including bedroom, living room and some full nude shots in the bath. I have no idea where these were taken but Terry has commented that they were taken on 21st September 1971.

As an aside I recently acquired a further 8 sets of contact sheets of other models taken by Terry Sparks, so more new models to come including some fantastic sets of Terry Graham and Franni Leigh 🙂

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  1. looking up my old records I see that I took this picture of Agnes on the 21st of September 1971, but to be honest I can’t remember much about the session and I would need to see more pix to be able to recollect the venue. Some models stick in your memory for various reasons and others are just another girl. I’m afraid Agnes falls into the latter category. Bear in mind that from 1966 to the late 70’s I was photographing on average 70 to 80 girls per year, plus many others that I tested but were not up to a usable standard. The standard being not only face and body but also attitude and the ability to take direction.

    • Fabulous Terry and thank you for the added information. Photographing 70 to 80 girls a year, sounds like a tough job to me 🙂
      I have about 180 shots of Agnes over 9 contact sheets, plus loads of your other models so I’ll have to scan them and send you copies.

  2. A nicely posed, smiling and confident young girl, proudly baring her beautiful breasts for us all to enjoy. Very tasty!


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