Cherry Orchard – No Hiding Place For Modesty! (1972)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy scanning and editing my growing collection of new models taken by Terry Sparks and Cherry is one of those models! When I say new I mean new to me, not new work! Scanned from a set of 10 contact sheets with 120 different images I love this shot of Cherry trying to cover her modesty and failing as she poses in front of a mirror. A stunning model that looks familiar to me for some reason, but a fabulous slender figure on show and as with most glamour models from the early 70’s onwards showing off a very full thick bush indeed!

Terry certainly had an eye for capturing his models in the best light, but I’m not so sure about the names he gave them sometimes, as I’m assuming Cherry Orchard wasn’t her real name? Saying that Cherry Orchard has a certain ring to it and probably works well for this model. I’ve been adding more new models to the page of Terry’s models and now have over 30 listed with more to come. Some are familiar like Trudi Ayre (Angela Duncan), Sonia Mitchell (Terry Graham) or even Vicky Ashley, but there are many new faces and bodies I’ve never seen before and will be posting more over the coming weeks.

Again these are a different era and type of image to the early Harrison Marks and Russell Gay images you would normally find here, but a little bit of diversity never hurts. Especially as most of the stuff I’m posting now is original never seen before stuff that I’ve come across on my travels and worth sharing. As always a big thank you to Terry for the dates and names of the new models 🙂

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  1. Lovely! I am still trying to get my head around the fact that Terry, Russell,GHM and others actually had the great good fortune (and skill of course)to photograph beautiful naked women as their job. When I think of the jobs I had to do to earn a crust the prospect of doing this as a profession still blows my mind!

    • I agree what a job, although I’m sure Terry will say it wasn’t as glamorous as we all like to think it was! Also back then things weren’t as instant as today, so you couldn’t retake a bad shot, so you had to get things right first time and then wait to see the results.

  2. There is a full colour full frontal set of a similar looking model, not least the pout, of a girl also called Cherry (just Cherry), in Club, Vol 8 No. 6, photographed by Adam Cole. Nice pics too.

  3. Cherry worked out of a studio for amateur photogs and it was called Orchard Studios. Hence the modelling name. I think it was in Reading, if my memory is correct

    • An interesting way to make up a model name 🙂 I think as Tonal has commented she used the modelling name else where as well and appeared in Club using that name 🙂

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