Harrison Marks Showing Off His Equipment!

Might as well start the 2017 Kamera Xmas Calendar with non other than the great man himself! During a break from taking photo’s Harrison Marks casually smoking a cigarette with Monique Devereux and showing off his equipment! I bet this wasn’t the first time he’d shown off his equipment to Monique or any of the other models that posed for him 😉 Very snazzy trousers he has on in this shot as well.

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  1. I like to see these shots of GHM with his models. I am sure he featured them to ‘rub it in’ with us mere mortals that he had a dream job with beautiful women! I am still hoping that elusive copy of Kamera will turn up showing him standing next to Ann Austin!

  2. Wow!! look at those legs…

    But only two of them in shot ;-(

  3. He’s probably saying “you know sweetheart, if something starts to get a bit excitable I weigh it down wiv them there chains”
    She says: “Harry, thanks for the fag – Capstan Full Strength?”


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