Terry’s Treasures – Nancy Robard (1972)

Nancy Robard taken by Terry Sparks in March 1972 and another from my collection of 10 contact sheets featuring 120 images of Nancy. To say Nancy had a good covering down below would be an understatement, as she’s one of those few natural models that has a thick abundant pussy and just doesn’t stop until it reaches her navel, similar to the likes of Clyda Rosen.

Also another model that decided to disguise herself with a wig and I couldn’t find anything online under the name Nancy Robard, so maybe that’s her real name and she modelled under a different moniker! As you moved into the 70’s tastes sure changed as censorship laws relaxed and more could be shown, things certainly got hairier 🙂

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  1. I’ve been so used to seeing modern models with ‘Hollywoods’, i.e. totally depilated, that I’d almost forgotten how good it was to see a girl with a natural bush. Nancy’s is a beauty and, as noted above, extends all the way up (in a thin line) to her navel. Lovely face and tits too, lest we forget them!


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