Divide & Conquer with Donna! (Original)

Back to the 80’s with another original 35mm negative of Donna Ambrose (Danica Collins) sent over by Kevin. A different pose from Donna in this shot, I don’t know if she’s praying for divine guidance or just trying to support those magnificent tits of hers!

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  1. At first, I assumed I was looking at a coloured girl. But when the text said that her real name was Danica, that is a common name in the Balkans. And yes, she could be just a dark haired European.

    I checked my index for Donna Ambrose, and found two pics; doesn’t look like this girl, nor is she is buxom as this girl. The text on my two pics also describes Donna as being blue eyed, and she is definitely white.

    Beautiful girl above, but I suspect there may be an error in the assumed name, and I am not even sure whether I am looking at a black or a white girl.

  2. It Is Definitely Donna Ambrose.

  3. The confusion is cleared. I typed Ambrose into this sites search engine, and two different models using the name Donna Ambrose appear, and this site has already identified that they are different models using the same name (the other was apparently Gloria Lomax).


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