An Unknown Sheepskin View (Original)

Another unknown model that posed for Harrison Marks in the mid 1960’s and appeared in Kamera No.81 (5 images) & No.81 (2 images) and both published in 1964. She also appeared in two uncensored shots in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 as she had a very thick natural bush. No idea on who she was or a name, unless anyone else knows? I have her down as Unknown Model No.36 in my unknown models page πŸ™‚

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  1. To my mind, this model, along with a few of the other ‘not knowns’, doesn’t look happy posing naked. There is tension in her look and a stiffness in her poses that suggest discomfort.

    I can’t help but think many girls tried posing once, didn’t like it and didn’t take this line of work any further – and perhaps that’s why they never became known.

    • I totally agree, as not all of these models can have been as successful as the likes of Pamela Green, June Palmer etc and may have just given up after the first experience. I guess some of these unknown models will remain unknown and we will never know the details behind the photo’s πŸ™

      • Well, we can still admire them, even if they’d regretted their forays.

        THAT SAID, maybe after a period of time, they will have looked back with a more relaxed view, and may have regretted not having taken it further, or at least be proud of the sets that they did do.

        Time changes things. πŸ™‚

        • That’s true. Female looks can fade all too quickly, and a mature woman may some day be glad that she has a record of how she looked nude in all her youthful feminine beauty.


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