Amber Powers by Howard Roark (Original)

Another model from the stable of Howard Roark models, this time the perky peaks of Amber Powers. Roarks more well known models seemed to have rather large assets on show with the likes of Roberta Pedon, Elaine Collins, Julie Park and Wendy Smith, but he also had the odd model with a much more smaller figure and frame such as Amber.

A perfect figure and small perky pair of tits on her, although all his models seemed to have a fabulous pussy to show off, but it was the 70’s and that was the de rigeur back then 😉

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  1. Nipples come in all sorts, don’t they? Puffy, pointed, pink, dark, or, as here, pale, seemingly without any pigmentation at all. Whatever, she’s a sexy girl and her beautiful tits speak for themselves! (Not literally, of course – that would be scary.)


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