Lorraine Burnett – Sultry or Sulky? (Original)

Lorraine Burnett posing naked in the studio squeezing those ample tits between her arms. I can’t quite work out if she’s trying to look sultry in this shot or is just miserable, as it was very hard to tell with Lorraine in some shots. It’s a shame really as it’s a great shot that would have been even better if she had been smiling!

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  1. That’s angry.

    Perhaps she was fed up being constantly told to keep her mouth shut.

    Your links page 3 “Goofy Curves” shows why she didn’t (or shouldn’t) smile much, one of very few by HM with her lips open. There are a few others in the links, but seem to be by other lensmen.

    Shame really, wonder why she never seemed to have had any dental work done.

  2. I suspect that the poor girl suffered from indigestion. My mother in law used to look like that – no, not the enormous knockers, just the sour impression – and she was always necking Gaviscon.

  3. I like the odd scowl. It makes a change to the usual toothpaste grin. That is a fabulous image of her body.


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