Sylvia Bayo – Dangling 3 Necklaces (Original)

Now for something completely different from my vintage glamour collection, a Toppan Top Stereo postcard featuring Sylvia Bayo. As you can see from the video it’s an image of Sylvia sat in white top and panties with white necklace, but when you tilt it you get another shot of her laying on her side topless! I remember as a kid seeing something similar to this produced as a set of postcards for Disney, but nothing this risque! I also vaguely remember seeing a postcard of a young girl dressed and topless using this same technique?

This was produced by Toppan Top Stereo and appropriately titled  – PS-10 Nude, Dangling Three Necklaces with copyright to Robert Cantieni and produced in Germany. When I saw it I immediately recognised it as Sylvia and it was only a few quid, so decided to get it as it was her. Something different as you will agree and not sure what to really do with it now, but thought it was worth a quick video to share here 🙂

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  1. Lovely stuff. I remember thinking that these double-image postcards were the best things ever!

  2. These 3D card were produced using multiple layers of the image all shot from a slightly different angle. Quality tended to be rather poor. One of the best known examples was the cover for the first issue of the Rolling Stones album, Their Satanic Magesties. One of the best examples used on an album cover was The Stranglers “The Raven” LP. A really stunning 3D photograph of a Raven. Most were isued with a normal photograph presumably down to cost and it is now quite rare. All you vinyl lovers go and check your dusty old albums. We sell nice copies for £40-50!. Paul, Firebird Records


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