Marie Deveraux – Uncensored Beauty (Original)

An absolutely stunning shot of Marie Deveraux in the studio by Harrison Marks and one that shows off her uncensored beauty at it’s best! Such wonderful curves and a perfectly smooth mound, which would have helped the censors hide such a view for publication, shame!

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  1. Beautiful image! Thank you for the upload.

  2. Always a classic, looking quite young here, and the slightly stooping pose make the best of her assets, but she had a long and perfect career.

  3. Marie did appear in Cleopatra as well; as a bacchanalian reveller, but she wasn’t credited for it in the cast.

  4. Wonder, I sent you a pdf of the relevant pages of Playboy Feb 1963, which had a colour feature of the girls of Cleopatra, and Marie is indeed mentioned. When you see it, any other familiar faces?

  5. Tits too big for me but very nice and smooth between the thighs

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