The Naked World of June Palmer (Video)

Well the votes are in and it seems like June Palmer is as popular as ever and won the poll with 36% of the vote for the next video to be posted from a list of 4 new films I received. Always a pleasure to see more June and next up comes Done by Suction featuring Terry Graham and a vacuum  🙂

So it gives me pleasure to present (For Members) the 1967 Harrison Marks glamour film ‘The Naked World of June Palmer’ including the front and rear cover of the box, that gives you details of the film, enjoy!


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  1. Fabulous. Thank you for this. Great work.

  2. Superb addition!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Very nice surprise. I had read elsewhere that this film was nothing more than a compilation of other June Palmer shorts; but clearly that is not the case. Thanks very much!

  4. Thanks for publishing that, it’s delightful.

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