Monique & Valerie – A Bit of Ball Play! (Original)

The wonderful Monique Devereux and Valerie Jones banging a few balls in on a snooker table and taken by Harrison Marks. I have several negatives from this set of the two posing around and on the snooker table and realized I hadn’t even posted one! All the shots I have are of them topless only in various positions and no idea if this set was ever published anywhere?

It’s actually a great set of the two girls in action, if you know what I mean and one of the few I’ve seen with two of GHM’s popular later models together, if you discount his early stuff with Pam and Jean, Lorraine Burnett & Eve Eden etc of course. Love this shot and the expression on Moniques face as Valerie lines up her balls! Time to cue up a few more snooker puns I think 🙂

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  1. I think Monique is reputed to have had a boob-job, but did she have a tummy-tuck as well? otherwise it can’t be easy to stand like that. Not the first time I’ve noticed that her lower ribs and abdomen seem to have an odd relationship. She also seems to like that pair of panties, she can be found in other pics wearing them.

    Oh yes, the purist might point out that the girls are using pool not snooker cues, a black star for continuity. But never mind they probably have the photographer in their pockets…

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