A Box Top Barn Beauty (Original)

Another early unknown model by Harrison Marks posing atop a wooden crate on the Barn set used on various occasions. Again, I have several original negatives of this model with 5 shots appearing in Kamera No.30 (1960), but not this particular shot. In fact the Barn set featured heavily in Kamera No.60 as a majority of the other shots also featured Paula Page on the same set.

No idea if this image went on to appear elsewhere, but I’m sure she must have appeared in other GHM publications as well? Another model with a stunning figure from the early 1960’s and I have her down as Unknown Model No.66 in the Unknown Model List.

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  1. She looks like ‘butter wouldn’t melt’. You do wonder how lassies found themselves in HMs studio with their kit off. Maybe they were told it would lead to modeling jobs and film parts, and perhaps it did for some. One hopes it didn’t lead to seedy soho strip clubs or worse. This lassie looks so demure it’s hard to imagine how she reached this point – not that I’m saying it was all bad of course.

  2. What a great way to start the month – a beauty, beautifully photographed.

  3. @Roop, I have always had the theory that all models be it porn, nude, glamour or fashion are all exhibitionists at heart however coy and shy they are asked to look on set, different models have their own “look” take the ever pouting Lorraine Burnett, or the “come and get it boys” look of Vera Novak for example, and would take very little encouragement to get undressed for a photographer. Most I would suggest are fully aware of what their assets are and who (by way of you and I ogling their boobs ((thereby appealing to our latent Edipus complex)). We are led to believe that girls arrived at HM office and got their bra’s off at the sweet smell of money. But I wonder how many simply turned round and flounced out when they saw what they were really in for.

    • Driver; just to add a point of intrigue to your post, it’s not just baby boys who sucked from the boob, but baby girls too. Male attraction to boobs is often linked to that buried memory, but either that is invalid, else there ought be a latent fascination in girls too, for boobs.

      • @Tonal_Range, you are of course right. Girls (if F on F pornography is to go by, they show a fascination equalling that of the most ardent males.

        I have another theory; that women will accept a dress and appearance compliment gracefully from husbands, boyfriends or interested men, but really start to preen when another women comments (and, they can tell instantly if that comment is genuine or being catty).

        I read somewhere quite recently the a very large percentage of women began their sexual experience with another woman at a very early age, and are not altogether prepared to turn down an all girl relationship – married or not – in later life. It being thought the removal of the fear of pregnancy is a reason. Whether this is to do with the Edipus complex could be debatable I suppose.

        • I think all girls know how to interest a man and they know as they blossom into womanhood if their body is attractive, so most of them dress to impress and some undress to impress!

          It is all to do with attraction and excitement. They are excited by how their body looks and the interest of the other sex. The French don’t get much right but they got it right when they coined the phrase “vive la difference”.

    • I guess that many of these lassies, especially the unidentified ones, were hoping to have a career in the modeling industry. They may have got an agent or someone who encouraged them to ‘go down to London to get a few glamour shots’ taken. They end up at HMs soho studio. Professional man that he is he puts them in as relaxed a mood that he can then sets about taking the ‘glamour shot’ for the aspiring model to put in her portfolio . . . Many of them probably go no further than this. Some of course love to drop the lingerie and become part of the ‘stable’ and possibly go on to make a bit of a living from it for a few years, some longer than a few years.
      It’s the difference in aspiration and expectation I suppose.

  4. She looks like a younger slimmer Marie Davis


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