A Pink & Tan Fan!

You can’t beat a gorgeous woman in just a pink frilly top and tan stockings showing off a hint of one perky tit! This shot comes from Paul over at Firebird and his large collection of 35mm colour slides of  UK various models from the 60’s. I know she posed for several of the magazines back then and she looks very familiar, but no name comes to mind, so hoping someone else may recognize her?

I have several sets of this beauty in different outfits, but I’m a big fan of this little pink and tan number 🙂

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  1. I photographed this young lady twice, once in October and again in November 1968. I cannot remember her real name but she was using the name of Georgia West and I seem to recall that she was studying at a drama school.
    Terry Sparks

    • Thanks Terry and my god I can be dense sometimes as I even have a full set of your contact sheets featuring Georgia 🙂 I just didn’t make the connection or I just have too many images of different models! Thanks so much for identifying the beauty.

  2. Like the stockings and suspenders


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