Sally Dixon – More to View! (Original)

A fabulous shot of Sally Dixon in the studio with more to view than normal. In all of the shots I’ve posted or seen of Sally this seems to be one of the more open and fuller images of her. In most shots of Sally legs are in the way or she’s posing in such a way as to obscure what lies below. Also in all of the shots I’ve seen even a hint of pussy it looks as though she was shaven, so this seems to be a real differing view.

Not only do we get a full frontal view but we get to see Sally with a natural hairy pussy too, delicious!

A big thank you to Simon who has sent over several original scans from his collection of negatives, including more of Sally and he’s actually putting a lot of these negatives up for sale on his eBay shop here if anyone is interested.

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  1. Love this picture…however it looks like she suffered from Bunions in the years following this. Her big toe is at nearly 45 degrees to the line of her foot. Typical damage done by wearing “fashionable” very pointed shoes of the era.

  2. How every girl next door should look and many did. Delicious!.


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