Vicky – Kitchen Delight (Original)

1960’s UK model known as Vicky posing on the kitchen sink in just black panties with an apple. A delicious shot in more than one way, especially of Vicky posing with that apple, very much forbidden fruit. I love the fact it’s in someone’s kitchen and would love to just open those cupboards to look at all the packets and cans that were around back then, but I’m getting distracted from the really focus in the kitchen and Vicky.

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  1. Oh yes. Sheโ€™s a corker. Lovely long elegant legs , pert boobs and an elfin look. Have you any more of this beauty? She deserves more exposure.

    • Minolta, you are in luck I have a few more from this set, plus several more taken by GHM so I’ll plan a few more of her in the near future as trying to post the less popular models rather than just favourites ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. There is an earlier shot of Vicky in this kitchen at the foot of P1 of her photos.

  3. Agreed all round. She’s a stunner.

  4. Glorious! The simplicty of the shot adds to its appeal. Vicky’s casual expression is captivating. It would be nice to see her rear view….

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