Three Naughty Schoolgirls! (Original)

Three naughty schoolgirls in the shapely forms of Anita St.John, Annette Johnson and Jenny Lane. I love the school caps Anita and Jenny are wearing plus the socks and shoes. Not sure about Annette and that dark wig, which she has worn before. I love the pose of Jenny looking straight at the camera and Anita with her pigtails. Shame about the hands in the way as well, but I’m sure there must be more from this set?

It’s just a shame this is the only one I have, thanks to Kevin 🙂


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  1. This fascinates me! Whats the story? Why are 2 of them in socks and berets and 1 in knickers? I wonder if Annette is a teacher. Is it a film? What happened before? What happens next?


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