Lorraine Burnett – Another QT Beauty! (Original)

Another restored 35mm colour Esquire slide from my collection. This time none other than Lorraine Burnett sat on a chequered background by Russell Gay. This would have typically appeared in either QT or Model by Russell Gay, but no idea if it did?

A great shot of Lorraine’s curvy and busty figure as she sits cross legged, naked and wearing a long blonde wig.

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  1. Gorgeous! One of my all-time favourite models looking particularly full-figured. And she was athletic, wasn’t she?, with an act featuring some gymnastic moves.

  2. Another truly wonderful shot of a lovely young woman. The last few postings here have shown late 1950s – early 1960s glamour photography at its very best. The seventies would see artistic, yet provocative, poses thrown out of the window and replaced with shots that, whilst they certainly had impact, all the photographer seemed to have said to his model was ‘open your legs and let’s see what you’ve got’.

    • I think everyone that enjoys this site will be in agreement. I also think it’s down to changes in photography and technology as we’ve progressed through the years. In the 1960’s it took time and effort to set up a shot and get it right with lighting etc. But as things progressed taking photo’s became easier and quicker, so less effort required and we became lazy. Look at today with phones etc anyone can take a nude photo now and post it immediately 🙂

  3. A comment after my own heart Billboard.

  4. Billboard’s perceptive comment is spot on.

  5. Billboard is right, and Wonder too. Raymond Chandler said, ‘There is no art without the resistance of the medium.’ The best art, the best photography, is hard to do. I can paint, and draw, but I cannot take a decent photograph to save my life, but I know enough about life drawing to have learned that the end results are best when model and artist cooperate and understand each other. These wonderful photos were not snapshots. They were collaborations.


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