Naked in Nature! (Original)

Another great photo by Leslie Bainbridge of an unknown model. Sat in a field completely naked, this shot shows off every detail of her body. From the small hard nipples down to the smooth pussy and defined lips. I’ll just leave it at that and allow everyone to just enjoy.

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  1. Lovely combination of outdoors, nude, natural pose, nice small tits and perfectly shaven slit !

  2. A great image to have in your collection. Superb.

  3. Is it really a natural pose?. A natural attitude for most of the girls I knew would be to keep their knees together having been brought up that way by their mothers. Rather more likely a deliberate expose’. Those heels wouldn’t be very easy to walk around in a hay loft or stack.

    • I think this is a typical Bainbridge pose. As soon as it became legally ‘ok’ to show the pubic area he seems to have gone for shaved, ‘open leg’ shots with all his models. This is an observation and not a negative criticism – I like to see, and enjoy seeing, what the photographer saw!

  4. My favourite look, a girl of modest proportions naked in a natural setting. Very nice.

  5. Just a mute point. As these are nude models, why the shoes ? Surely shoes are just as much an item of clothing, as say a dress ? So, not nude ?

  6. I think this image may be part of an H&E Eureka set, taken in the lower field and Driver is right about the pose! Although sun club members were rarely shaven, LB insisted on models he photographed being depilated both pre and post censorship. But by no means all models were happy to shave, let alone provide ‘open leg’ poses. He often relied on props such as a stile or swimming pool ladder (see KC site) to position them as he wanted but our girl here is very obliging!

  7. I suspect one of the reasons some girls were reluctant to shave might have been the almost intolerable itching that accompanied regrowth until it got to a reasonable length.

    I had a male mate who for whatever reason had abdominal surgery that also required him to be mostly shaved in the pubic region. He also complained bitterly that the regrowth was almost the worst part of the whole procedure.

  8. My wife has always depilated and was one the very few sun club members to do so. The solution to the itching is never to let even stubble regrow. Just 2 minutes a day- but it has to be every day- with an electric razor. No depilatories or waxing. The skin becomes used to it and there are no rashes or soreness.
    Of course many prefer the bushy look, but for some of us, as with Bainbridge, the only place for hair on the female form is the head!

  9. I have to say I agree with you John.

    My ex-wife was a regular shaver, on the principle it was more hygienic, usually using one of my disposable razors and foam, very occasionally I did it, strangely, I didn’t find this a particularly sexy experience. But she always thought I did a better job of it than she did.

    Too much information I think…

  10. Hair is for apes and sheep..Give me smooth skin


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