Front Room Fancy!

There’s something about this shot from Russell Gay I just love! I think it’s the fact it looks like she’s just stripped off in the front room, down to those white panties and stockings. Stood there giving the photographer that knowing look.

I also love that tight white suspender belt squeezing the waist in to highlight those curves. A fabulous shot from one of the masters!

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  1. She’s dressed for stripping – suspenders over panties means the stockings have to come off first and the panties last.

  2. You are right: she looks accessible – up for it, without being a ‘model’. A bright start to the day….

  3. Looks like “The Entertainment” we booked arrived on time and knows what’s expected of her. The guys agree: it’s always nice to see a natural-born stripper at work, and this one’s display is being received enthusiastically.

    The suspender-belt is really pinching her waist, but she won’t remove it until she’s crawled around the performance area on all fours to let the guys see those panties pulled drum-tight across her plump arse….


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