Kamera on Location 66 Extra!

A fabulous set of extra shots taken on location in Cornwall with Harrison Marks. Normally behind the camera this set shows GHM posing with his models from the both weeks. We see GHM posing and relaxing with Nicky Stevens, Teri Martine, Alicen Warden, Samantha and Penny Winters. May favourites have to be the informal shots of Alicen having a smoke helped by GHM and Penny hugging GHM’s leg, as they both seem so natural!

Members get to see all of the shots in this set so far 🙂

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  1. I love these shots, dont really know why. I always liked ( and still do) the shots with the photographer visible in a mirror.

  2. Poor old Harrison having to shag these models after the photo sessions. An awful job, but someone had to do it.

  3. Did he, or did he not ? If so, which ones, or all of them?

    We shall never know ! A threesome or even a foursome. WOW ! You lucky b*****d !

  4. Sorry, not enough here of the super delectable Nicky. I demand more, please !

  5. I am sure he enjoyed his work enormously and had these shots taken both for his own personal memories, and also to show the rest of us what a lucky sod he was!

    If you look closely at the photos on KC of Nicky you will see that she doesn’t usually have bags under her eyes. However, she does in photos taken on this shoot. Evidence of late nights etc!

    • Reading the narrative around this shoot and the 2 weeks in Cornwall I don’t think GHM, the models or his assistants got much sleep at all! It suggests GHM had first pick of the models on each week, so one can assume the bags under the eyes are indeed due to lack of sleep for whatever reason 🙂

  6. He used a Rolleiflex 120 film and a Hasselblad 6 x 6 camera, that’s the reason why his images are so superb! The best medium format cameras money could buy in the day.

  7. A wonderful window into their world. I love the comment about the bags under the eyes, and it does suggest fun and games. Was Pamela Green married to GHM at this point? Was she keeping an eye on things?

    Fabulous, though they are still being professional. Note the thigh raised just a little to keep the pussy out of sight.

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