Kamera No.11 Unknown Beauty

An early unknown beauty by Harrison Marks that appeared in Kamera No.11 (1958). A stunning classic beauty that only appeared in the one edition of Kamera, but must have appeared elsewhere? She’s down as unknown Model No.18 in the unknown model page.

The Unknown Models page is also new and improved with a few new additions and a few removed 🙂

A Colourful Front & Rear

A couple of very colourful views both in terms of content and colour from Exciting No.26 (1969). Another full magazine scan from my collection of Exciting & Cover Girl magazines showing off some fabulous views of a European model. Loving the hair and heels in the shot and think the pink bi-colouring emphasises the model and view quite well.

Suzi Shaw – Going Big in Colour!

Sometimes scanning through your collection of magazine scans you recognise a model in a shot you’ve not seen before. In this case it’s a very good colour shot of 1960’s UK model Suzi Shaw. The interesting thing is it appeared in a much later magazine Peaches Special No.2 (1975) along with a mixture of newer and older models all with one thing in common, big tits!

The sad thing is I recognised Suzi and the other models immediately plus it’s the only shot I have of Suzi in colour that’s of good quality. What a stunning shot of her laying on her side with those big full breasts exposed. I’ve corrected the orientation of the shot as in the magazine it was flipped 90 degrees anti clockwise so it filled the magazine page. I’m sure Suzi appeared in colour many times I have just missed them 🙂

A Kneeling Thelma (1958)

The model only known as Thelma from Kamera No.11 P6 (1958). A beautiful kneeling pose showing off her figure and Latin looks and a model that appeared scarcely throughout the Kamera magazines and photo sets produced by GHM. 

Members get to see a fully published version of Kamera No.11 featuring Thelma and many other familiar figures 🙂

Top Heavy Della!

A stunning view from above of Della Fox showing off her magnificent chest.  Della isn’t a small girl when it comes to tits but in this shot they look big! It must be laying on her back and the way she is supporting them that enhances the size. Love the glitz of the jewellery and that big smile as she looks up.