Taking a Seat With June! (Original)

As it’s the last day of June I thought I’d do a few June shots 🙂

Kicking things off with June Wilkinson and a third shot of a dark haired June sat on a chair. This comes from a set of 5½ by 3½ glossy prints by Harrison Marks. This again appears in ‘The Harrison Marks Glamour Guide’ under set No.358 and is a fantastic shot of June leaning forward over that chair. All shots from this set so fat can be found here.

Thanks again to Girlymag for this and the other shots of June.

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  1. The best thing ever to come out of Eastbourne (and I include Debussy’s La Mer). The glorious June! Did American television ever recover from her appearances on the Spike Jones Show?

  2. Just like to thank Wonder and all other members who take the time and effort to post such amazing images for us all.

  3. I second that, Wonder. Thank you and all the other members for this fabulous site.


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