Classic 1950’s Glamour From Robyn


Mixing it up today with the variety of images, but back to a classic 1950’s nude in the shapely form of Robyn or Susan Flynn. From an original silver gelatin photo showing off her perfect curves and those large puffy nipples, delicious!

Classic Doris!


Doris Hurst from a scan of another original silver gelatin print.

As I’ve said before I just love the look of Doris. A fantastic shot of her kneeling in black stockings and high heels with those big round tits proudly sticking out!

Pamela in Print


Continuing with the model of the week and an early shot of Pamela Green from a set of silver gelatin prints from the 1950’s. Taken in 1957 by Harrison Marks this shot shows off Pam’s great body and her short dark hair. The signature long blonde hair was to come later, but I do like the short look. A great profile shot of her face as she looks down with great lighting as usual.

A fuller length version of this shot went on to appear in the first edition of Kamera P26 (1957).

Glorious in the Garden


A glorious and vibrant colour shot of an unknown model posing in the garden amongst the roses. I have no idea who she is, but I’d guess it was taken late 1950’s and it could be Ewhurst. But then any decent garden back then could have looked like this, minus the naked model of course!

A stunning shot of vibrant colours that needed very little altering. The young model has a great figure with very firm up pointing tits and slender figure. Some may say too slim as you can see her ribs, but beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder 🙂

Tied Down Diane!

The classic 1950’s beauty of Diane Clare by Harrison Marks. Throw in a couple of rugs and some rope and you have a typical recipe for a posed GHM shot back in the day. This is no exception and Diane looks stunning laying there with rope wrapped around her body.