Tina Blake – Plenty to Offer! (Original)

A different view of Tina Blake by Leslie Bainbridge from an original 10 by 8 print. This image has all the hallmarks of a typical Bainbridge shot. It has sheepskin rugs, a completely nude model and a smooth pussy on view. What is not so typical is the position! 

Here we see a rear view of Tina on all fours showing off just a bit more than normal. Bending forward she offers up her beautiful rounded bum giving us a more open inviting view of that smooth pussy and arse! I don’t think this type of shot ever ended up in publication, as maybe just a bit too explicit, but I like it 😉

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  1. Come and get it Leslie!

  2. Oh dear, doesn’t appeal one bit. The photo would be better placed in a medical textbook on gynaecology!

  3. Steve Reynolds

    A very revealing pose that leaves nothing to the imagination. It cannot possibly have been intended for publication, so I guess Les wanted it for his own private collection. If I remember correctly, we had to wait till the mid-70s for shots as candid as this to appear in mainstream men’s mags. Gorgeous!

  4. Well, at least she looks cheerful about it.


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