Juilette Adams – A Perky View From Above! (Original)

Another shot of Julie Anton/Juliette Adams taken by Terry Sparks. Again taken around a familiar house from a set of contact sheets in my collection. Juliette also posed for Harrison Marks and appeared in the 1970 GHM film ‘Scouts Honour’. I posted a couple of stills from the film here.

A great shot of Juliette and her slender body and thick full bush from above by Terry. Another model that seemed to prefer wearing pigtails or a headband 🙂

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  1. Steve Reynolds

    I’m surprised Minolta has not commented on this shot yet. The model is definitely his type (and mine) with her beautiful face, pert breasts and exquisite figure. Great pic.

  2. Bit distracted at present but you are spot on …just my type. (Love the Bush too).

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