Pamela Green Posing Nude – Pose No.207 (1973)

Another rare shot from The Pamela Green Nude Posing Guide No.2. This was published and distirbuted in 1973 by Pam with photo’s taken by Douglas Webb. The guide is 4 pages including the cover and features Pamela in 108 different poses. The image above was No.207 from page 3 of the guide.  The date of this guide would put Pamela’s age at 43/44, so later in her career, but as stunning as ever.

All the shots are very artistically posed and show off Pam’s body at it’s very best. As you can see they show Pam in a more natural state than her early career. I love this post and the sheer black body stocking showing off Pam’s body and bush.

I’ll post a full copy of the Nude Posing Guide No.2 catalogue later 🙂


*All images were taken by Douglas Webb and copyright remains with The Pamela Green website

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  1. Always, always, gorgeous, and happy here to show her bush, bless her.

  2. I think Pam took the artistic side of posing very seriously. In her work with GHM she can often appear almost aloof as she holds her pose staring into the middle distance, not at the photographer. I think she wanted men to admire her body for what it was – a lovely example of the female form. She handled the more ‘in your face’ provocative poses as Rita – the ‘disguise’ enabled her to behave as Pam would not. I’ve often wondered what might have happened to GHM’s career had he not had the great good fortune to meet Pam when he did.

    • I agree. She contributed a lot of the brains and the business sense, and he was never quite the same after she left.

      This picture is made less than perfect by the straying ‘costume’ towards her left nipple, giving an awkward lack of symmetry. It looks like a mistake.

  3. A perfect example of how women from that era could continue to pose nude well into their “middle years” when posed creatively – as a number did.
    The confidence of these older women made for some memorable images.


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