Sophia Dawn – Curves & Beads (Original)

A very posed shot from Sophia Dawn in the studio. She actually looks like a shop mannequin in this pose holding the beaded necklace and looking away from the camera. This comes from an original 35mm colour slide and shows Sophia’s great figure and hips. You also get just a hint of more as well 😉

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  1. It is exciting to see even ‘just a hint of more’ with these models who for fifty years or so had always appeared airbrushed. I like this photo a lot, but it would be great for a caption competition. How about, ‘What do you mean, this isn’t where I am supposed to put them?’

  2. Lovely lit photo. Smashing tits. Dont think I would be sucking her beads though lol

  3. Caption.

    What? These off too?

  4. I quite like the 7o’clock ‘shadow’.

  5. I don’t! Elsewhere on the KC site she’s properly shaven and a clearer display of slit. Lovely model, super tits, looks great in stockings and suspenders…..


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