Pam Alexander – A Sandy Spot (Original)

Another shot of the gorgeous Pamela Alexander taken by Paul Pantha (Terry Sparks). Taken down in Pegwell Bay it shows Pam laying on a sandy beach showing off her fabulous naked body. 

No sandy beaches for my holiday this year, but I’m back from my holiday at home. Thankfully the weather was kind and even managed a suntan in the garden 🙂

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  1. Glad you had a good holiday and are now refreshed and raring to go no doubt. Interesting news of your suntan but this is how it should really be done and I doubt you looked anywhere near this good! Welcome back. We’ve missed you!
    Great picture. Nothing quite like a shapely naked lass on the beach in my view. Very sexy.

  2. Welcome back indeed.

    I live quite close to Pegwell Bay and I have never seen anything as delectable as this lovely creature.

  3. Welcome back – glad you had a good break! Poor Pam looks frozen!


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