Jacki’s Open Chair View! (Original)

Another shot of Jacki Rigby taken by Leslie Bainbridge in the late 1960’s posing nude in a leather armchair from this set. This time a nice view showing off her small perky tits, slender frame and legs apart. She’s also showing of her super smooth pussy as she reclines in the armchair 🙂

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  1. Nice boobs and lovely pussy

  2. This set reminds me of how some girls posed for their boyfriends in the 1960s. There is an air of innocence about them despite any lack of modesty or reluctance to hide anything from view. Not a looker as you say but a great body and attitude!

  3. A slightly unusual pose, but one that affords us a lovely glimpse of Jacki’s labia minora. Nice perky tits too. Very pleasant!

  4. Maybe not the prettiest but super tits, lovely slim, athletic figure and posed as usual by Bainbridge to accentuate the shaven assets! Very nice.


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