Kamera No.13 Cover (1958)

The cover of Kamera No.13 (1958) featuring Rosa Domaille. One of my favourite early Kamera covers as it shows off Rosa (Eve Eden) and her curves to perfection! Seeing this cover back then I would have definitely been drawn in and bought a copy 🙂

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  1. Me too, while pretending I was actually buying something else, like the Boys’ Own Paper.

  2. Classic hourglass figure – fabulous! On the subject of buying men’s magazines, if it was a woman serving, as she scoured the cover looking for the price, I used to joke that I only bought it for the gardening page. (No, they didn’t laugh either.)

  3. Ah yes, happy memories. Like the newsagent in Soho telling those looking for the best magazine that he was running a shop not a library!

  4. That smile – says more than words ever could.

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