Unknown Studio Curves (Original)

A shot of an unknown UK based model posing nude in the studio. This comes from a set of ten original 6 x 4 prints I recently scanned and is quite an oddity. I’m pretty sure she is a UK model from the 1960’s as I have this set of her. I also have several negatives of her taken by Harrison Marks. 

Figure wise she is small and curvy, but not the most attractive model I’ve seen photographed by Harrison Marks. No idea on a name, so she gets added to the unknown model list 🙂

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  1. Not most attractive? I would certainly have a go how about the rest of you?

  2. Maybe her first go at modelling – she looks very self conscious to the point of discomfort. It would be interesting to see one of your other shots to see if she settled down.

  3. Do we know for sure that GHM was the photographer? She seems rather unsure although willing to pose nude which was quite a big deal for the 1960s – before Page 3 etc. Certainly an amateur I would say so brave girl. I’d have guessed local camera club.

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