Margaret Nolan (1943 -2020)

Sad to report that Margaret Nolan an icon from the 1960’s sadly passed away last week. Margaret died last Monday age 76. She had a very varied career and is remembered mostly for appearing in Goldfinger and as the gold painted model in the iconic title sequence, several Carry on films plus many TV shows. Later in her life she was also a prominent artist showing off collages of her work as a model.

What many outlets are not reporting is her early work as a glamour model for the likes of Harrison Marks. She seemed to have moved away and forgotten this part of her career, but we all remember it well. The shot above being one of my favourite GHM shots of Margaret 🙂

I also met Margaret a few years back and a conference and she was fabulous to talk to and its sad to hear of her passing today. Another glamour legend no longer with us and 2020 being a year to totally forget!

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  1. Sad news indeed RIP

  2. It feels like the end of an era. I remember her well from her early appearances which made an indelible impression on a young man.

  3. There is a page on Wikipedia that chroncles her work

  4. Sad news indeed, but she seems to have had a fulfilling life and brought pleasure to many of us in all her roles.

  5. One of my all-time favourite models. What a beautiful face and figure she was blessed with. RIP Margaret. xx

  6. Classic HM model, and very more besides. RIP Maggs.

  7. I once met Ms Nolan albeit very briefly, when she was to be filmed in a TV advert for a washing machine. I was around the set as the machine tech adviser, like all film sets it takes hours and hours to get just a few seconds of usable film, there were long periods of just sitting around, during one of these Ms Nolan plonked herself into the chair next to mine, I naturally said hello, but was favoured with being cut dead, barely a sidewise glance. So sadly although I would like to report we had a scintillating conversation, unfortunately we didn’t. The filming was going badly so I suspect she was upset with the interminable delays, at least I hope so.

    As far as I know the advert was never aired.

    Shame really as I must have been one of her greatest fans during he HM days

  8. She was beautiful in every way. I was once in a corner shop in Hampstead one hungover Sunday morning, and she was holding forth cheerfully to everyone there while her child crawled around on the floor. Her figure was as good as perfect, and she was tall for such a shapely woman. As several of us have said, the end of an era. Bless her.

  9. Co-incidentally I was watching her in the Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” at the weekend. A sad loss.

  10. Just skimmed through her substantial KC portfolio. She brought a lot of innocent pleasure/fun and will continue to do so.

  11. There is a very full and affectionate obituary for her in today’s edition of The Times. Her acting career in both TV and film is covered in some detail but not a word on her modelling career.
    Quite an omission I think. As others have commented she did bring an awful lot of joy to a great many.

  12. And also an obituary in the Telegraph yesterday (Sat 17th Oct) whihc runs to a third of a page and in which Vicky Kennedy does get a mention – albeit briefly.

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