Mary Collinson (1952 – 2021)


Sad to hear today that the beautiful Mary Collinson the of the Collinson twins has died. Apart from her iconic status as an Hammer actress, she was chosen as Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month in October 1970, together with her sister Madeleine. They were the first identical twin Playmate sisters.

Prior to their appearance in Playboy one of the first people to use them was the glamour photographer Harrison Marks who cast them as saucy maids in his short film Halfway Inn. The film, made for the 8mm market, was shot sometime around July 1970, when a still from the film was used in a Marks’ advert that ran in that month’s issue of Continental Film Review magazine.

Above is a stunning shot of Mary also by Harrison Marks and shows off her fabulous figure perfectly.

R.I.P. Mary Collinson

Margaret Nolan (1943 -2020)

Sad to report that Margaret Nolan an icon from the 1960’s sadly passed away last week. Margaret died last Monday age 76. She had a very varied career and is remembered mostly for appearing in Goldfinger and as the gold painted model in the iconic title sequence, several Carry on films plus many TV shows. Later in her life she was also a prominent artist showing off collages of her work as a model.

What many outlets are not reporting is her early work as a glamour model for the likes of Harrison Marks. She seemed to have moved away and forgotten this part of her career, but we all remember it well. The shot above being one of my favourite GHM shots of Margaret 🙂

I also met Margaret a few years back and a conference and she was fabulous to talk to and its sad to hear of her passing today. Another glamour legend no longer with us and 2020 being a year to totally forget!

Molly Peters (1942 – 2017)

Sad to hear that Molly Peters passed away yesterday aged 75. Most of the papers are running with her role in the James Bond Film ‘Thunderball’, which I loved but very few reports mention her modelling career especially her association with Harrison Marks, which is to be expected. We’ve all seen a different view of Molly on here and this shot is a new addition to my collection, but seemed fitting.

Thanks to all the members that mailed me letting me know this sad news.

Madeleine Collinson (1952 – 2014)


A bit late, but got an email from friend of the site Ozprof that told me about the passing of Madeleine Collinson.
A voluptuous brunette Madeleine Collinson was born on July 22, 1952 in Malta. She’s the identical twin sister of Mary Collinson and they first arrived in Britain in April, 1969 and the duo were cast as saucy maids in Harrison Marks 8mm short “Halfway Inn.” Mary and Madeleine went on to be Playmates of the Month in the October, 1970 issue of “Playboy” and have the distinction of being the first pair of identical twin sisters to do a nude pictorial for “Playboy”. Following their modelling career the sisters acted in a handful of movies together; including the Hammer vampire horror outing “Twins of Evil.” Madeleine lived in Malta with her husband and three children. She died at age 62 on August 14, 2014 – RIP