Monique Deveraux – Back Against The Wall! (Original)

Monique Devereux posing up against a faux brick wall from a restored 35mm colour slide. As well as numerous negatives of Monique by Harrison Marks I also have a collection of colour 35mm slides. These seem to be after her period with GHM and were taken at Scotlee Studio’s either in a bedroom setting or against some mirrors! Unfortunately despite my best efforts restoring them, some of them didn’t survive well and are as rough as old bags!

Thankfully this one didn’t turn out too bad and gives us a good view of Monique’s body and curves. 

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  1. Very Rubenesque. I imagine this one will be right up Rummy’s street!

  2. It’s right up MY street! I would love to see even the tatty slides.

  3. Of course we all indulge our fantasies when we look at these wonderful women, but this is very close to being an ultimate turn-on for me: such a body, and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone look more naked.


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