Teresa Seymour – Coloured TV! (Original)

A beautifully restored 35mm colour Pamar slide of Teresa Seymour.  Another shot taken by Harrison Marks that features Teresa with her redheaded curls posing in long blue negligee by the TV in GHM’s Flat. There’s something quite nice about seeing several shots from the same set of a model and then seeing a colour version. It tends to give the shot more context and vibrancy I think?

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  1. Very nice – a lovely young woman! There’s a very similar b/w shot to this on your list – one of them looks as if it’s reversed.

  2. I like this shot. It is very reminiscent of home made pictures of girlfriends who could be persuaded to pose . Lovely figure enhanced for me by the open negligee. There was a good choice of such attire in those days – so much sexier than – “ get it all off and let’s get down to it” approach I gather is in vogue today.

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