Irene Huggett by Leslie Bainbridge

Irene Huggett by Leslie Bainbridge. A typical pose from one of his models reclining in that leather armchair showing off her slender figure and smooth pussy. An extra uncensored Christmas bonus for members as well 😉

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  1. We were surely due some shaven models and Bainbridge and Irene fills the gap! Maybe not his prettiest model but lovely athletic figure which would also look great in a naturist setting. Bearing in mind this would be the late 60s, how did he get his models- including Top Girls like Dawn Grayson- to pose so explicitly?

    • What I’d love to know is how many shaven models did we miss back then because of the censors ?

      • Censorship of nudes was not effectively abandoned till 1968/69 so we missed all the Bainbridge ones (H &E) up to then for a start. Both pre and post censorship he would only engage shaven models because he liked the look.
        For other photographers, such as HM, shaven models made the retouching work easier to pass censorship but I don’t know if they were as insistent as Bainbridge?

  2. Can’t help but feel her smile looked a bit ‘forced’. I think the second shot must have been for his own collection – and why not?

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