Top Heavy Sylvia!

Time for another original from my collection of Sylvia McFarland and her massive tits and pussy from the 1970’s!

This time sat on the edge of a very retro chair legs part, giving us a glorious shot of her pussy. A full frontal shot like this just shows us how massive her tits actually were, very top heavy indeed and I wonder if she suffered later in life with back ache? In fact I have no idea if she is still around today?

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  1. My stepsister had a backache from too heavy boobs. She had them surgically reduced.

  2. Knew a girl once who said hers weighed a stone. When asked how she knew that she said she was on the bathroom scales when her husband came in and lifted them up! I often wondered if she meant each or the pair – she was a BIG girl!

  3. A friend of mine with enormous boobs – and now she is a pensioner she still has them – has never had backache but says that the biggest problem was caused by bra straps digging into her shoulders because of the weight.

    They are big too. Years ago she was sunbathing topless in her garden when a light aeroplane flew over. A few moments later it flew back, flashing its lights and wobbling its wings. Her boobs are big enough to be seen from the sky.

  4. OMG a danger to aircraft?

  5. The aircraft story is true. The plane may have been preparing to land nearby before it was distracted by my friend. I know from experience that it is impossible to see details from 1000 feet, which is the legal minimum.

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