A Truly Magnificent Trudy!

The truly magnificent Trudy Eyre/Ayre better know as Angela Duncan. From a set of 35mm negatives taken at Jason Studio’s by an amateur photographer this shot gives us a bit of everything! A smiling Angela showing off her magnificent tits and curves, perfect!

I have two full sets of 35mm negatives of Angela from this shoot, but as was the way back then for every good shot there were two not so good shots! Not like today where digitally you can take 100’s and just discard the bad ones. Saying that it doesn’t matter how bad the shots are they are still Angela nude 🙂

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  1. Magnificent is the word.

  2. Lovely tits of Angela. Like the smile but would love to see the Fanny.

  3. Very nice figure, very nice smile and to ask the obvious question, was she shaved or natural?

  4. Very amateur shot, and, actually, all the better for it!

  5. Just goes to show the variety of the site. Angela always much too busty for me yet she obviously has an army of fans led by Colonel Wonder….

    • Actually if you look at my two favourite models Angela Duncan and Dawn Grayson they couldn’t be further apart in figures. As you say variety is the spice of life!

  6. Which is why this site works so well! I stray towards Angela’s end of the rainbow, but hey. Bring them all on.


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