Yvette Windsor – Curves & Curls!

Another beautifully restore shot of 1960’s UK model Yvette Windsor from a set of 35mm colour slides. Magnificent figure and pair of tits and such a great smile. She also posed for more uncensored shots with Leslie Bainbridge, but in those seems skinner, so maybe later than these?

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  1. A fine big girl!

  2. A very winning smile…she looks very natural!

  3. Love this photo great smile lovely tits

  4. It is rare to see a smile as unforced as this. Excellent, and what a lovely body.

  5. I’d love to see some Bainbridge shots – please!

  6. Is this really the same girl as in the July 2020 posting? If so she’s lost a lot of weight but managed to keep her tits looking good.

  7. Probably had a bun in her oven then.

  8. Wonder should have been a cop. Like Billboard, I would never have picked Yvette out as the same one in the July posting. Clearly a miss-spent youth.

    • Ha! I just have a thing for trying to identify bodies and faces of models I don’t know. Sometimes it obvious, but other times it drives me mad trying to identify a face or body I know 🙂


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