June Palmer – Model No.19 Cover

June appearing on the cover of Model No.19 by Russell Gay from the early 1960’s holding a small caged bird? This scan along with all the other pages of June including the tri-page centrefold were scanned and sent over by John to add to the magazine covers and appearance collection. The centrefold and other pages to follow shortly, but thanks to John for sending 🙂


So Fur… So Good! – Part 1 (Video)

Time for another video of June and this is an early one from the late 1950’s (circa 1959?) This 50ft 8mm glamour film titled ‘So Fur… So Good!’ was shot by Russell Gay and distributed through his company ‘Venus Films’ and came in two parts, which I have both! Part 1 below is in colour and runs for approx 3:42 minutes, with part two running for approximately the same time, but in black and white.  I think like other June films both parts were produced in both colour and black and white, hence one part in colour and one in B&W.

Enjoy the film and after the break some more information around the film …

As you have seen by watching the film the premise of it is a simple one (were they ever complex!). June enters the bedroom with a new gift in the shape of a white mink stole. She proceeds to try it on and then subsequently strips off to try it on nude in front of a mirror, before laying on the bed to have a smoke, thus ends part one!  Additionally as well as a copy of this film I have also published a few still images taken by Russell Gay at the same time … Here

This along with many other films come from John W and his impressive collection of all things June.  He had the films converted from the original film onto DVD and added the music as all were originally silent.  I think the type of music suits the clip well and the conversion to DVD and colour of the film have transferred very well in this case.

Hope you enjoyed and part 2 to come soon.


June Palmer – Bedroom Glamour

A shot of a young June (1950’s) with long hair posing on the bed in just jewels and a mink shawl, probably by Russell Gay for QT or Model, but can’t confirm. A very glamorous shot of June!
Update: This seems to be a shot fron the glamour film by Russell Gay ‘So Fur … So Good!’ Part 1 🙂