Anita Ekberg (1931 – 2015)

A colour study of Anita Ekberg (not 100% sure?) from my copy of Figure Quarterly Vol.15 (1956), which also features her on the back and front cover in colour as well as several black and white shots inside. I just saw that she passed away today at the age of 83, so thought I’d post this fantastic nude shot of her. R.I.P.

Susan Rivers By Harrison Marks (1956)

An early shot of Susan Rivers by Harrison Marks from the 1956 Carnival Annual. The same image along with another of Susan (below) also appear in the October edition of Fiesta from the same year. It seems that this image as well as the one below incorrectly name the model as Eva Wilde Pamela Green, which it most definitely isn’t! Although some shots of Pamela at the time have her with a similar short red hairstyle, they are different models and one of Pamela with this hairstyle also appears in the same Carnival Annual.


Rita Landre – Redhead in White

If we’re talking redheads we must not forget one of my all time favourite redheads that wasn’t and that was Rita Landre, or as we all know now Pamela Green in red wig. This shot of Rita amongst the white fur by Harrison Marks comes from the Carnival Annual 1956 and looks to have come from the same set as her on the cover of Foto No.13, which then dates that magazine around the same time. I’m sure that looks like the top of her areola peeking out above the top of the fur?

Lynn Shaw – A Leafy Outlook

Lynn (Lyn) Shaw from the inside cover of Carnival Annual (1956) photographed by Russell Gay. Lynn always looks so elegant in the shots I’ve seen and published of her and this is no different, although the strategically placed leaves over her nipples gave me a chuckle.