Dawn Grayson – The Magic in a Face

I originally published a version of this image under the title ‘Shattered Glass’ in June 2013 when I came across the image of Dawn and it was instantly a favourite. Well now I’ve found where it came from and have an original copy, as above. It was originally published in ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’ on page 84, where he describes expressions of the face can change the mood of a photograph.

Incidentally I prefer this version to the first I found, as it looks better in black and white and Dawn looks good with a beauty spot!

Wendy Luton – Not Your Average Household Pose!

Wendy Luton looking very inviting laying there on the rug in front of the fire. Taken from the pages of ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’. This was used as an example of how a shot of a nude beauty can be enhanced by placing her in a normal household setting rather than a studio. To be honest with that figure you could put Wendy Luton in any location and she’d still catch my attention!

Bath Time With Ann Walker

Ann Walker with an unusually big bouffant hairstyle from her, as we’re more used to seeing her with it short or tied back. This shot is of her naked in the bath, but not sure it’s warm enough looking at the nipples on her!

Dawn Grayson – Kitchen Capers!

Dawn Grayson nude in the kitchen and posing for Ed Alexander for his book of English Beauties (1964). As Ed himself says, when photographing the nude indoors, a change from plain studio backgrounds can sometimes be made by using the average home as a setting, as long as the setting doesn’t detract away from the model. ¬†Trust me, my eyes are firmly focussed on the model here!