Venetia Day – A Perfect Car Bonnet Adornment! (1971)

A front and rear view of Venetia Day posing topless on racing cars at the 1971 Earls Court Motor Show! Rather risqué at the time I would think, but she definitely drew the crowds and photographers posing in just a white bikini bottom.


Lorraine Burnett Amongst The Clover! (Coloured)

Now this image lent itself to be coloured and Oldiznewagain did just that, with this fantastic colour version of Lorraine Burnett. The colours go perfectly and the green tights and hat look as though they were originally that colour and I suppose they could have been!

Lorraine Burnett Amongst The Clover!

A very elf like shot of Lorraine Burnett from the mid 1960’s, but not quite sure what this shot was all about! I’m sure she was looking for that lucky four leaf clover, but finding a elf at the bottom of your garden with a chest like that, now that’s lucky! Would love to see the other shots from this set, but not comes across any so far.